20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

20 Best Dark Red Hair Color Ideas

As we approach fall, the tendency for dark red hair to rejuvenate is always visible. If you are looking for something low maintenance or a way to keep the darker look low toned, dark red hair color is an ideal choice since it flattens most skin tones.

We’ve picked our favorite looks to browse for the ultimate dark red inspiration. Browse the full range of dark red hair colors covered, from dark cherry to brown hair colors.

#1: Cherry Red Hair with Bold Red Highlights

This deep red shade blends the best hair trends. Red hair color gives depth and versatility, while bold red adds spicy flavor and accentuates the look. Perfect for women who like professional, complex hair colors.

Dark hair to light red hair barrage

#2: Dark Auburn Hair

These dark red hairs scream fall 2021. Rich dark brown shades combined with a bushy bob are very timely. This type of hair color is beautiful in different lights and gives the hair a warm glow in natural light.

Deep brownish - red hair color

#3: Vivid Shade of Red with Dark Roots

This look is truly a red hair color. Although it still belongs in the dark red category due to its dubious roots, it is one of the brightest variations of dark red hair. This look adds a little drama and energy, which is great if you need a burst of vibrant color in your life.

Bright red hair color with dark roots

#4: Auburn and Dark Red Balayage

Can’t decide between dark or light hair? Check out this molten mixture of brownish reds. With dark red hair, you have the advantage of deeper roots. A brighter blast of brown tones will help you make the most of this season’s red ballast.

Ideas for natural shades of red variegated

#5: Ruby Dark Red Hair Color

Shades with jewel-like dimensions work like magic if you want to paint a dark red red. A touch of dark red through deep ruby red is a definite upgrade to the hairstyle. The contrast of highlights and low light spots combined with the wavy lobe style is simply beautiful.

Rich Deep Red Hair Color

#6: Dark Red Hair with Fiery Highlights

Who said you shouldn’t play with fire? Raise the temperature from this fiery hot medium with a dark red variegation. This dark color not only melts the intense depth and true red tones, but also brings this extra spectacle by incorporating fiery red highlights. A true attention-grabbing element.

Orange dark red hair highlights

#7: Dark Red Natural Hair

This curly queen chose a dark red burgundy shade with an ombre effect. The dark roots, combined with the lighter pops at the edges, are surprisingly fun and work wonders with the vibrant curls and darker tones of the skin. The texture of the hair highlights the dimensional shades of red, which we love.

Burgundy Curls

#8: Lowlights for Natural Redheads

Are you afraid that the darkest reds will be a little stiff on lighter skin tones? Ask your hairdresser to lighten up the dark red look with a bold panel with monetary pieces around the hairline that add a softer finish to the skin tone. This style is also great for painting natural red hair darker.

Dark red low light natural red hair

#9: Natural Auburn Balayage Dark Red Hair Color

Are you a brunette and looking for natural hair ideas? This is the look for you! Mix rich, dark red and bronze shades of bronze to give a warm glow and natural look. Can you see how striking you are when the different red shades shine in the light?

Dark red with brownish red hair color

#10: Dark Red Short Hair with Copper Highlights

This TWA style looks bright and self-assured thanks to the smart combination of bronze and red hues. The shorter sides and back have a deep red tint, while the bright red ombre adds texture and definition to the curls. Keeping the base color dark actually adds dimension and marries the short with the short.

Deep red and copper short hair

#11: Two-Tone Deep Red Color

Deep burgundy and bright red are amazing colors that add edge to naturally dark brown curls. Are the two shades of red wine too good to choose between them? Integrate both into your style so you don’t have to choose.

Dark Red Ombre

#12: Natural Auburn with Highlights

Don’t want a lighter shade of red in your hair? This warm mid-brown shade is an excellent compromise for those who want a milder glow to their look with a darker shade of red. It can also be a bit milder on lighter skin tones. Ideal for those who want to play it safe.

Long red brown hair with highlights

#13: Deep Red Wine

This deep red color is ready for winter wines. Merlot Plum can add a nice touch to both blonde and dark brown tassels, enriching them with a glowing light and reflective cherry hue. If you’re looking for a nice balance of depth and tone in your hair, this may be the shade that calls to you!

Cherry Red Hair Color

#14: Dark Red-Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

This dark reddish brown wool works well on women looking for a classy natural look. The addition of caramel and hot chocolate shades give a natural radiance to the dark base of the hair. Huge caramel highlights make for an ultra-modern face frame.

Red brown hair shade

#15: Dark Hair with Chili Pepper Spice

Deep burgundy and light red highlights are vibrant and bright and add hot marks to the look. The light shades are mixed with natural dark hair, making this red variegated look gorgeous and low maintenance. Dyeing hair red without endangering the health of the clone is an excellent way to highlight dark skin and green eyes.

black hair with dark red and a touch of bright red

#16: Scarlet Red Hair

Ruby hair color highlights make this dark hair color dynamic. Dark red hair combined with wavy waves scream Jessica Rabbit. This super sexy warm red look is enough to make us all je into hair color.

scar color hair color inspiration

#17: Deep Copper Hair

Welcome to Spice Pumpkin and all things fabulous! This rich bronze shade has all the depth needed to warm up the coldest of times. A wonderful color to dye your hair darker and on the lighter, warmer side. We love this natural red hair color combined with skin tones and mixed curls.

Long Bronze Hairstyles

#18: Dark Burgundy Locks

The velvety burgundy shade of red hair definitely gets a thumbs up from us. This dark red hair color is a good idea for dark skin tones as it reflects yellow hues and emphasizes the warmth of the face.

deep red wine shades

#19: Deep Auburn Dark Red Hair

This dark red shade is on the natural spectrum and is perfect for those looking for a brown glow. It is a keep-it-chic option that brings a burnt brown color to your look.

dark brown curls

#20: Dark Red Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

The bright red tones of these dark red hairs add a flash from them all. Keep in mind that these color ideas depend not only on the shade you choose, but also on the mastery of the colorist who dyed your hair red. One thing is for sure, if you like dimension, these highlights and low highlights are the fun dark red hair color you are looking for.

dimensional red hair color

Keep some hot ideas that characterize dark red hair and hope you show them to your hairdresser. Play with deep brown, burgundy, and bronze shades to create stunning dimension to dark red hair. Keep the dark shades for roots and achieve the latest hair trends by taking off the look with bright or subdued highlights.

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