27 Vacation Acrylic Nails Ideas to Nail Your Holiday Look

Do you fantasize about a manicure that goes hand in hand with your luggage as you fly to places of sunny beaches or charming European cities? Does it bother you which nail art will maintain your hands as beautiful as the scenery they are going to touch? Your nails can be more eloquent than an accessory. How do you select the perfect style for your vacation vibes? Let’s get lost in the world of color, passion and latest designs that make your nail stand out and become the most discussable topic on streets, beach or resorts!

Tropical Splendor

Imagine your nails being the vivaciousness of the Caribbean. The first image portrays a tropical paradise with a riot of colors that are as vibrant and intense as Hawaii’s flora. This is yet another perfect choice for vacation acrylic nails; it depicts sandy summer days through its beach theme elements.

Photo credit by: @superflynails
  • Acrylic powder: Tropical Tones Collection
  • Base coat: Strengthening Sea Extract Base
  • Polishes: Island Sunset Pink, Ocean Blue, and Palm Leaf Green
  • Topcoat: UV-Resistant Glossy Finish

My professional advice is this: pick brands like Island Chic which give you bright tones that will stay with you to and from your luxurious vacation.

  1. Prepare the nails with a good base coat.
  2. Apply two coats of Island Sunset Pink.
  3. Use Ocean Blue and Palm Leaf Green to draw palm trees with a fine brush.
  4. Finally, seal it off using a UV-resistant topcoat for long lasting effect.

Swirling Sands

This design is, in my own words, a splendid indication of the “Swirling Sands” manicure. With its wavy designs, this design captures the idea of a beach retreat like no other place does along the shores where the sea meets sand. A combination of blue, pink and white shades gives it a playful ambiance that is similar to Florida coastlines. It’s perfect for short nails due to its elegance mixed with simplicity.

Photo credit by: @stylebyreags
  • Acrylic powder: Pastel Wave Collection
  • Base coat: Shell’s Strength Primer
  • Polishes: Sky Reflection Blue, Flamingo Feather Pink, Coconut White
  • Topcoat: Sunkissed Shine Finish

Pro tip from me: To bring out this blend best, make sure you work on wetter beads with acryl more quickly.

  1. To protect the natural nail, apply thin base coat.
  2. Mix together Sky Reflection Blue, Flamingo Feather Pink and Coconut White using a palette knife.
  3. Put colors down in a petrous pattern with detail brush application technique.
  4. Finish by applying topcoat to give it an elegant beach shine look.

Blossoms in the Breeze

This design seems to have borrowed some elements from a peaceful Japanese garden. Aptly named “Blossoms in the Breeze,” this set breathes a touch of calmness with its fragile floral patterns on a blank background. A light green appliqué represents an island’s vegetative cover. It will work for someone that loves vacationing in places where nature is just quietly beautiful.

Photo credit by: @chibimoon.nails
  • Acrylic powder: Spring Whisper Collection
  • Base coat: Natural Nourish
  • Polishes: Cherry Blossom Pink, Serenity Green
  • Topcoat: Matte Tranquility Finish

My Professional Tip: To get the soft gradient between our base color and these flower designs, use a sponge!

  1. Begin by applying natural base coat to create a healthy nail canvas.
  2. For a subtle ombre effect, saturate your tips in serenity green using a sponge.
  3. Paint tiny cherry blossoms with small brushes.
  4. Choose matte topcoat to mimic the velvety feel of petals.

Fiesta Florals

Fiesta Florals are just as bright and happy as a Mexican celebration. The design is full of a variety of surface, which against the white backdrop make each nail paint a work of art on its own right. Whether you are hanging out by a Caribbean pool or navigating hectic avenues in a European city this is funky colour explosion that will make you want to dance.

Photo credit by: @tamaminails
  • Acrylic powder: Fiesta Collection
  • Base coat: Clear Beginnings
  • Polishes: Salsa Red, Tropicana Orange, Cactus Green, Oceanic Blue
  • Topcoat: High-Gloss Protectant

My Professional Tip: Always use a detail brush for intricate designs like these to maintain precision and clarity in your artwork.

  1. Prepare nails with clear base coat.
  2. Put on white polish as canvas.
  3. Flowers hand painted with fine detailing brush using Salsa Red, Tropicana Orange and Oceanic Blue.
  4. Cactus Green small dots call for leaves giving distance between flowers.
  5. Apply high-gloss topcoat to bring up the vibrancy and protect your nail art.

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Gilded Horizons

These vacation acrylic nails are a total delight, with the golden hour on a European coast in mind. The artistry that goes into the marble effect and the gold foil’s opulence vividly brings forth luxuriousness of an Italian sunset.
This design is good for those who love a longer, more trendy coffin shape, blending sand’s neutral colors with a sun setting orange tint.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Acrylic powder: Sunset Silhouette Collection
  • Base coat: Golden Adhesive Base
  • Polishes: Sandstone Beige, Sunset Orange
  • Embellishments: 24K Gold Leaf Sheets
  • Topcoat: Elite Gloss Shield

My Professional Tip: Apply the gold leaf while the polish is slightly tacky to ensure perfect adhesion without the need for extra glue.

  1. Prime nails with a golden adhesive base coat.
  2. Apply Sandstone Beige as your base color.
  3. While still wet, carefully place pieces of Sunset Orange and gold leaf for a marbled effect.
  4. Seal everything with an elite gloss shield for a shimmering, durable finish.

Rose Gold Elegance

Rose Gold Elegance is for people who want to take a little bit of Florida luxury with them. The design achieves subtlety by combining neutral colors with a delicate rose gold foil, which makes it appear simple and sophisticated. The current fashion trend in using metallics generates a soft inspirational tone for holidaymakers who crave the delicacy of shimmer without being ostentatious.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Powder: Blush Harmony Collection Acrylic
  • Foundation: Clear Base Coat
  • Polishes: Nude Allure, Rose Blush
  • Decorations: Rose Gold Foil Flakes
  • Topcoat: Luminous Long-Lasting Finish

Expert Tip: To ensure that the flakes are evenly distributed over your nails, use tweezers to position them on top of the second polish coat when it’s still wet.

  1. Prepare your nails with clear base coat.
  2. Then apply two layers of Nude Allure as you need full coverage.
  3. Lastly, pat some rose gold foil flakes onto the nail starting from the tip and gently fade them towards the cuticle line.
  4. Finish up by applying a luminous long-lasting finish that will keep your nails shining all through your journey.

Crystal Clear Shores

The design known as Crystal Clear Shores echoes the crystal clear waters of a Caribbean beach. The transparent points encrusted with many-faceted crystals imitate the shining blue waves of the sea. A fantastic piece of chic that would fit any occasion for a short, but bright nail looking to emulate nature’s simplicity.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Acrylic powder: Clear Waters Collection
  • Base coat: Diamond Strength Hardener
  • Embellishments: Varied Sized Crystals
  • Adhesive: Crystal Clear Bond
  • Topcoat: Sheer Brilliance Finish

My Professional Tip: To ensure crystals stay put, apply a dot of clear bond adhesive where you want each crystal to sit.

  1. Start with diamond strength hardener as your base so that nails get reinforced.
  2. Scoop the tips with the Clear Waters acrylic powder to make them appear like glass.
  3. Stick on gems in a waterfall fashion from tip to nail bed.
  4. Finish off with sheer brilliance topcoat without touching crystals.

Crowned in Gold

Gold Crowned: this is an epitome of magnificent grace. This one is more than a perfect combination of neutral base and shiny gold tips; it looks trendy and at the same time simple. Textured gold leaf topping feels like dipping into some precious metal with your fingertips, so it’s good for any holiday acrylic nails.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Acrylic powder Classic Nude Collection
  • Base coat Prime and Protect
  • Polishes Nude Majesty Gold Rush Glitter
  • Topcoat Shine Armor

My pro-tip: To get this textured look, apply the gold glitter polish using a sponge to remove excess base so that you have more glitter left.

  1. Start by applying Prime and Protect as base coat on your nails.
  2. Paint a full block of nude color using Nude Majesty.
  3. For tips which are thickly textured, sponge-dab them with Gold Rush Glitter.
  4. Finally, enclose the entire design with Shine Armor topcoat for that long lasting brilliance.

Seafoam Dreams

To get to the heart of the Island waters one needs to have Seafoam Dreams in their rooms with its enchanting azure and emerald colors. This manicure combines a plain nude base with a beguiling seafoam green at the tips. It’s trendy for those wanting the spirit of Caribbean sea at their fingertips.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Acrylic powder: Soft Touch Collection
  • Base coat: Bonding Base
  • Polishes: Naked Truth, Seafoam Sparkle
  • Topcoat: Durable Shine

My Professional Tip: Layer a fine glitter over a metallic shade to achieve depth and complexity in the sparkle.

  1. Apply bonding base for long-lasting manicure.
  2. Use Naked Truth for clean, natural looks.
  3. Blend it slightly into your nails’ base color then tip them with Seafoam Sparkle.
  4. Protect your design or let it shine radiantly by sealing it off using durable shine topcoat.

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Sun-Kissed Waves

Sun-Kissed Waves has a harmonious blend of orange and neutral tones, embracing the sun’s warm embrace. The waves of color mimic the serene ebb and flow of a sunset on a Florida beach. This design is bright, cute, and perfect for a summer getaway, bringing a piece of the beach to your vacation acrylic nails.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Acrylic powder: Sunset Hues Collection
  • Base coat: Ultra Adhere
  • Polishes: Peach Horizon, Sandy Shores
  • Topcoat: Crystal Clear Finish

My Professional Tip: Use a thin striping brush to create the wave effect, letting each color intertwine with the next.

  1. Apply ultra adhere as base for maximum polish adhesion.
  2. Paint sandy shores as a neutral canvas then use peach horizon to paint thin waves and blend them into the base color for gradient effect.
  3. Finish off with crystal clear topcoat for glossy manicure that lasts longer.

Liquid Gold Essence

The design of “Liquid Gold Essence” is a fusion of timeless sophistication and modern style. With these vacation-themed acrylic nails, you can capture the fashionable appeal of a beach getaway in its grandest form. The nails have clear bases with flowing gold accents that create an effect of molten metal moving across them – an easy yet luxurious look suitable for a sunset party in Hawaii.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Clear Elegance Collection- Acrylic powder
  • Prime Perfection- Base coat
  • Transparent Charm and Liquid Gold Lacquer- Polishes
  • Glossy Gold Seal- Topcoat

My Professional Tip: In order to achieve such golden streams use fine brush and smoothly move lacquer along nail allowing it spread organically.

  1. Begin with Prime Perfection as your even base.
  2. Apply Transparent Charm over this glossy surface.
  3. Draw thin lines using Liquid Gold Lacquer that will flow naturally.
  4. Finish up by setting the design with layers of Glossy Gold Seal to give it a mirror-like appearance.

Lavender Luxe

A design known as “Lavender Luxe” says a lot about the romantic aspect of travel – something that reminds me of wandering in Europe’s lavender fields. It is all about balancing soft feminine pinkness with shiny gold foil and playful purple rhinestones. This look is perfect for those who want their vacation acrylic nails to be trendy and cute at the same time.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Acrylic powder: Lavender Fields Collection
  • Base coat: Silky Smooth Start
  • Polishes: Gentle Lilac, Glorious Gold Flake
  • Embellishments: Purple Rhinestones
  • Topcoat: Ultra Protect Shine

My Professional Tip: While the gold flake polish is still wet, add the rhinestones so they stick without any extra glue.

  1. Apply the base coat which will make your nails smooth like silk.
  2. Paint your nails gently lilac to get a pastel purple shade.
  3. For a touch of luxury apply glorious gold flake polish strategically.
  4. Add some purple rhinestones for extra sparkle and finish off with ultra protect shine.

Olive Rain

“Olive Rain” reminds us of the olive trees that grow in the Mediterranean because it embodies, in its color, the very earth and the whole of rain. This is a design for those who want a not-too-fussy look with their holiday acrylic nails. The matte finish with glossy droplets creates a tactile experience reminiscent of a refreshing island downpour.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Acrylic powder: Mediterranean Muse Collection
  • Base coat: Matte Miracle
  • Polishes: Olive Grove Green, Dewdrop Clear
  • Topcoat: Gloss Highlights

My Professional Tip: After applying the matte topcoat, use a dotting tool to apply your clear polish for the raindrop effect.

  1. Apply Matte Miracle for a smooth and subdued base.
  2. Coat nails with Olive Grove Green for a matte, earthy background.
  3. Use Dewdrop Clear with a dotting tool to add glossy ‘raindrops’ over the matte finish.
  4. Skip the topcoat to maintain the contrasting textures on these stunning nails.

Cocoa Shimmer Edge

This is a fantastic blend of sensible splendor and touch of sheen, “Cocoa Shimmer Edge” while the nails are kept plain as possible to give room for the full richness of dark chocolate brown shimmer edging. The design is simple yet elegant, making it perfect for a laid-back yet refined beach vacation look on acrylic nails.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Acrylic powder: Soft nude shades collection
  • Base coat: Essential foundation
  • Polishes: Bare Elegance, Cocoa Shimmer
  • Topcoat: High glossy sealant

Pro tip: Use a fine linear brush to apply the cocoa shimmer polish in order to achieve that clean line look at the edge.

  1. Use essential foundation for the base coat to help maintain its longevity.
  2. Apply bare elegance nail polish for a natural and neutral appearance.
  3. Using eyeliner brush, gently place cocoa shimmer along each nail’s border line.
  4. Cover your design with high glossy sealant making sure it gives off a protective shiny finish.

Crystal Garden Party

Crystal Garden Party is a blend of pink glitter and multifaceted crystals that you can’t help but fall in love with. This nail art illustrates a lovely, brightly colored garden party on your fingertips. Every crystal reflects the sun’s beams, casting prismatic lights like a day full of joy as spent in Caribbean lush gardens.

Photo credit by: @victorianatdha
  • Powder: Acrylic powder from the Blush Pink Collection
  • Base coat: Clear Adhesion
  • Polishes: Sparkling Rosé, Crystal Clear
  • Embellishments: Multi-Colored Rhinestones
  • Topcoat: Diamond Dust Sealant

My Professional Tip: Place each rhinestone with precision using a wax-tipped tool for a flawless finish.

  1. Start by applying Clear Adhesion to give them a solid foundation.
  2. Spray nails with Sparkling Rosé to add some delicate pink shimmer.
  3. While polish is sticky apply some multi-colored rhinestones tastefully.
  4. Finally properly dry nails under light before spraying any high-glossing Diamond Dust Sealant.

Summer Citrus Twist

Summer Citrus Twist nails are here to remind us of the playful juicy fruits of summer. For an idea, one can use a bright orange swirl or fruity decals on your acrylic nails while you are still at the planning stage. If you live in Florida and you love spending time under this state’s sun or if you like savoring a tropical cocktail on Mexican beaches, then this design is for you.

Photo credit by: @by.chloenails
  • Acrylic powder: Freshly Pressed Collection
  • Base coat: Citrus Bond
  • Polishes: Creamy Orange, Lemon Zest Yellow
  • Decals: Citrus Fruit and Daisy
  • Topcoat: Lock UV Shine

My Professional Tip: Apply decals only when the base is fully dry, so that nothing smudges and positioning them becomes much easier.

  1. Use Citrus Bond as a foundation for preparing nails with zest.
  2. Apply two layers of Creamy Orange for complete even base color.
  3. Placing Lemon Zest Yellow on tips, with a fine brush swirl into the orange base color.
  4. Put citrus fruit and daisy decals on to make it look funny and lock them in using UV Shine Lock top coat.

Sunset Palms

There is a vivid image of a tropical paradise painted on every nail in “sunset palms”. The transformation process from hot pink to calm blue like the sunset sky and the dark palm trees that are silhouetted bestow it with an absolutely tropical beach theme. It is a daring statement for those who want to always keep their fingers resembling the spirit of the island vacation.

Photo credit by: @chelsea.d_
  • Sunset Escape Collection Acrylic powder
  • Horizon Bond Base coat
  • Flamenco Pink, Lagoon Blue, Palm Silhouette Black Polishes
  • Clear Skies Finish Topcoat

My Professional Tip: To achieve seamless gradient effect between Flamenco Pink and Lagoon Blue, apply and blend using sponge only.

  1. Prepare nails with Horizon Bond.
  2. Apply Flamenco Pink at the base and Lagoon Blue at the tips.
  3. Blend for a gradient sunset effect.
  4. Paint palm tree silhouettes with Palm Silhouette Black.
  5. Finish with Clear Skies Finish for a glossy, long-lasting manicure.

Botanical Blaze

“Botanical Blaze” is an acrylic nail polish inspired by tropical flowers. The acrylic nails are transparent with the leaves inlaid on top of them – a depiction that clearly shows what a blazing Caribbean garden is all about.

Photo credit by: @allyssapower
  • Acrylic powder: Tropical Flora Collection
  • Base coat: Barely There
  • Polishes: Fern Green, Hibiscus Red, Sunburst Orange
  • Topcoat: Crystal Growth

My professional tip: For the organic and natural touch, I always go for the strokes with freehand leaf and fire flames when I paint.

  1. Start with Barely There as a base for your clean, bare nails.
  2. Design leaf images using Fern Green.
  3. Apply accents of Hibiscus Red and Sunburst Orange to bring out the fire effect.
  4. Finish off with Crystal Growth top coat to have shinier look and enable better growth of your fingernail.

Greenhouse Effect

A rich European greenhouse, “Greenhouse Effect” seeks to celebrate lush greenery. It is simply sophisticated with the design having white and green leaf patterns on a clear base. This is a manicure that can be worn anywhere from the beach to an upscale Italian restaurant.

Photo credit by: @allyssapower
  • Conservatory Chic Collection—Acrylic powder
  • Clarity Coat—Base coat
  • Evergreen and Alabaster White—Polishes
  • Lasting Gloss—Topcoat

My Professional Tip: Instead of using striping tapes which may bleed, one should employ nail art pen or brush dipped in polish for clean lines and well-defined designs.

  1. Use Clarity Coat as a transparent base.
  2. Create delicate leaves with Evergreen and accentuate them with Alabaster White.
  3. Refine intricate details with pen or thin art brush.
  4. Apply Lasting Gloss for added shine that brings out artwork detail while protecting it at the same time.

Neon Safari

A bold and energetic expression, Neon Safari is an outstanding artwork. The neon orange leopard print is very prominent against the soft neutral base giving it a trendy, flamboyant look. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement with their nails, and create some wildness in their vacation wear.

Photo credit by: @nunu_nailss
  • Acrylic powder: Urban Jungle Collection
  • Base coat: Nude Canvas
  • Polishes: Sunset Neon Orange, Midnight Black
  • Topcoat: Shine Amplifier

My Professional Tip: For the sharpest print, use a dotting tool to create the leopard spots and outline them with a fine brush dipped in black polish.

  1. Begin painting on your color choice as your background shade by using Nude Canvas base coat.
  2. Let me help you out if you want to create a gradient effect at the tips of your fingers using Sunset Neon Orange applied with a sponge.
  3. Using the same orange polish put on dots like leopard’s spots then outline them with Midnight Black for more precise definition.
  4. To finish off apply Shine Amplifier topcoat that will give glossy finish and keep it long lasting,

Tropical Leaf Whisper

Tropical Leaf Whisper consists of the quiet rustling noise that is made by leaves in a soft tropical breeze. The design’s delicate green leaf patterns over a sheer pink base conjure up an image of a secret garden on some remote island paradise. This is an elegant and simple manicure design for those who love nature inspired nails.

Photo credit by: @theemmzie.nails
  • Acrylic powder: Garden Essence Collection
  • Base coat: Sheer Pink Blush
  • Polishes: Emerald Whisper, Flamingo Feather
  • Topcoat: Lasting Sheen

My Professional Tip: Paint the leaf patterns in thin, smooth strokes to keep them looking natural and fluid.

  1. Apply Sheer Pink Blush as a base to get clean, transparent pink color.
  2. Use Emerald Whisper to daintily sketch out the leaf designs on each nail.
  3. Add depth by highlighting the leaves with Flamingo Feather.
  4. End it all with Lasting Sheen to make it last longer and shine more.

Marble Wave Fantasy

“Marble Wave Fantasy” is a colorful swirling dance that imitates oceanic waves. Its design is made up of psychedelic colors such as green, blue and yellow, which makes it equally captivating and dynamic. For those who like adventures, this adds a touch of colourful creativity to any holiday look.

Photo credit by: @nailgemgenie
  • Powder: Ocean Swirl Collection
  • Bottom coat: Clear Waters
  • Polishes: Azure Swirl, Seaweed Green, Sunlit Yellow
  • Topcoat: Glassy Ocean

My Professional Advice:  Use a thin detail brush and swirl the colors together on the nail whilst in motion in order to create an authentic appearing marble effect.

  1. For transparent glass like nails start with Clear Waters base coat.
  2. Dot small amounts of Azure Swirl, Seaweed Green and Sunlit Yellow onto your nails.
  3. Mix the colors together using a fine-tipped brush until they resemble a swirling pattern.
  4. Finish them off by applying Glassy Ocean top coat which gives it that shiny reflective surface that catches light so beautifully.

Electric Pink Waves

‘Electric Pink Waves’ is an infusion of vibrant colors that shout summer fun. The bright pink waves blended with white are whimsically daring yet bejewelled with gems to give just the right amount of twinkle. This particular scheme suits people who want to be noticed and go onboard this season’s colorful nail art trend.

Photo credit by: @malisculpts
  • Acrylic powder: Vivid Pink Collection
  • Base coat: Sticky Base
  • Polishes: Shocking Pink, Pure White
  • Embellishments: Rhinestones and Pearls
  • Topcoat: Glitter Lock Finish

My Pro Tip: Use a striping brush, alternate between pink and white, then drag through while still wet to marbelize in order to achieve the wave effect.

  1. Prepare nails using Sticky Base.
  2. Apply alternating stripes of Shocking Pink and Pure White.
  3. Swirl colors with a toothpick for wavy effect while still wet.
  4. Decorate them with rhinestones and pearls to make them more glamorous.
  5. Finish off the design with Glitter Lock Finish for it to shimmer longer.

Gilded Flakes on Nude

“Gilded Flakes on Nude” is a symphony of understated elegance and luxury. The neutral base serves as a canvas for the scattered gold leaf flakes that make a refined and uncomplicated statement. It’s perfect for the minimalist with some richness in their holiday nails.

Photo credit by: @barrysbeautybar
  • Acrylic powder: Nude Elegance Collection
  • Base coat: Perfectly Transparent
  • Polishes: Clear Nude, Golden Leaf Topper
  • Topcoat: Seal & Shine

My Professional Tip: Use a fan brush to disperse the gold flakes.

  1. Start with Perfectly Transparent as your base for that clean look.
  2. Apply one coat of Clear Nude to have sheer natural look.
  3. Use a fan brush to sprinkle Golden Leaf Topper flakes onto the nail.
  4. Finish off using Seal & Shine for an ultra-glossy, hardwearing effect.

Matte & Metallic Elegance

“Matte & Metallic Elegance” merges soft matte textures with vibrant metallic accents to come up with a truly distinct design. This contrast between the delicate matte and the gold gives it both a contemporary and timeless feel, making it perfect for anyone who wants something trendy and motivational in their nail art.

Photo credit by:
  • Acrylic powder collections: Satin Matte Collection
  • Base coat: Velvet Matte
  • Polishes: Matte Lilac, Liquid Gold
  • Topcoat: Matte Finish

My Professional Tip: To achieve that perfect metallic edge, use nail vinyls to paint sharp lines instead of using a brush.

  1. Apply Velvet Matte as a base for smooth matte effect.
  2. Use Matte Lilac to paint nails in a quiet and tasteful shade.
  3. Make sure Liquid Gold is put on accurately by utilizing nail vinyls.
  4. Put on some matte finish top coat in order to maintain matte texture smoothness but emphasize metallic details.

Pink Splatter Charm

The “Pink Splatter Charm” is a blend of humor and modern fashion in the world of abstract art and nails. The haphazard spraying of pink on a clean surface is reminiscent of liberating paint smearing while the solid color through marbling fingers supports this choice with equal boldness. This design suits artistic people who enjoy fashionable, bright statements.

Photo credit by: @malina.arusandei_nail_trainer
  • Acrylic powder: Clear Creativity Collection
  • Base coat: Crystal Clear Primer
  • Polishes: Playful Pink, Marbling Magenta, Pure White
  • Topcoat: Shine Enhancer

My Professional Tip: For the splattering effect, flick the bristles a stiff brush while adding layers to create depth.

  1. For a smooth foundation, begin with Crystal Clear Primer.
  2. With an artistic effect, splatter Playful Pink and Pure White using a brush.
  3. Marbling Magenta should be used as an alternate nail to achieve marbled look.
  4. Finally, apply Shine Enhancer which will make your nails radiant and shielded.

Blossom-Tipped Elegance

“Blossom-Tipped Elegance” is a different interpretation of the French manicure, with white tips replaced by a cute and simple flower pattern. By applying the pink gradient to serve as background for the cherry blossom design, this can be an ideal selection for a spring break getaway or even a slow day at the beach.

Photo credit by: @malina.arusandei_nail_trainer
  • Acrylic powder: Spring Blush Collection
  • Base coat: Pink Whisper
  • Polishes: Cherry Blossom Pink, Petal White
  • Topcoat: Lasting Petal Protector

My Professional Tip: To maintain accuracy and delicateness use thin line brushes for hand painting detailed blossoms.

  1. Apply Pink Whisper on nails to create soft pink gradient base.
  2. Manually paint cherry blossom tips using Cherry Blossom Pink and Petal White.
  3. Complete other nails with subtle gradients that match well with the tips.
  4. Finish off your design by sealing it in Lasting Petal Protector for a shiny finish that remains intact.


Q: How long do vacation acrylic nails typically last?

A: Acrylic nails can last anyplace from two to three weeks until they need a fill depending on how fast your natural nails grow and how well you take care of them. Avoiding hard chemicals as well as putting on gloves whenever cleaning will increase their lifespan.

Q: Can I swim with my acrylic nails?

A: Yes, you can swim while having acrylic nails. Nevertheless, the adhesive bond may weaken after being in water for long periods. It is better to limit time in water and dry your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Q: Is it possible to create these vacation nail designs at home?

A: Many nail designs are achievable at home using appropriate tools and practicing a little bit. For more complex designs such as those that have detailed art or marbling effects, seeing a professional nail technician might be useful.

Q: How can I prevent my acrylic nails from lifting while on vacation?

A: To keep lifting from taking place, avoid prying things open by using your nails as tools, wear gloves where possible and apply cuticle oil often so that the nail and skin remain hydrated.

Q: Are there any quick fixes if my nail art gets damaged during my vacation?

A: A small nail kit with polish for touch-ups would come in handy for minor fixes. If a stone falls off, use a drop of nail glue to re-stick it. In cases of major problems however, it would be advisable going to a local salon.

Q: How can I remove my vacation acrylic nails safely?

A: For fear that your own natural ones should not suffer damage, it is important that one seeks the assistance of an expert when removing artificial acrylics. If you must remove them at home however soak them in acetone then gently detach the acrylics using an orange stick never pull them off.

Q: What’s the best way to pack nail care essentials for touch-ups on vacation?

A: Use a small hard shell case to keep your nail care items safe. Include mini bottles of your polish colors, a file, cuticle oil, and quick-dry topcoat for emergency fixes.

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